Tuesday, November 15, 2016

11/15 student blog

Hello everyone in the USA! I am having a great time here in Peru. Today, we did service work, and we got to play soccer. During our afternoon activities, we did a teambuilding activity where you have to cross an imaginary river. We were in teams of 5 and we had to get across with 4 handkerchiefs. It was super hard and we lost two of our handkerchiefs but we still made it! We also did a activity were we had to blow up balloons and draw faces on them. We could not let them touch the grass or they would pop! After we were done Johan, the WLS instructor, took all of our balloons and let them go into the wind. Most of them popped, but mine survived until I accidently let it go. It bounced a couple times and then popped on the grass with me running after it screaming for it to come back! After that tragedy we played world cup! That was super fun. We have been playing a lot of soccer on this trip. We play with the students at the school. They usually win even though they are a couple years younger than us. My homestay family is great! The food is amazing and they have an 8 month old dog. She is so cute. Juana is super kind and Mariela is just plain cute! Hi to Mom, Dad, Max, Titus, Yiayia, Papou, Grandma, Grandpa, Nouna and Nouno, Catherine, Gigi, Maddie, and everyone else! I love you all!


Hey! We are having a great time in Peru and we are having a great time together. Today my group went to some of the classes in the school. I went in a art class and they drew pictures of pictures from the book. The kids in the class were really welcoming and they tried really hard to make us feel welcome. I was given a pencil, piece of paper and a book and was part of the class right away. It was really fun. After class there was a recess and we played soccer. It is a crazy game because the students at the school are not on a team. They will pick a side and then just kick the ball that way. On average there are about 15 people fighting in a mob for the ball. This also leads to a dangerous game where a ball could fly into someone's face if they are not paying attention but it is still very fun. My homestay family is great! They have 7 cats. 3 of them are kittens that still have not opened their eyes yet. 2 are 4 months old and the other 2 are the mothers. Emma, Gwen and Braden are really fun to have in my homestay. The food is basically the same thing but we have gotten used to it. Today’s dinner was great because we had cake. It was amazing! Hi to Mom, Dad, Henry, Josephine, Grandpa, Grandma, Andrea, Andrew, James, Cici, Grandy, Duke, Kate, Becky, Micheal, Gigi, Maddie, and everyone else! I love you all and miss you!

Hello people and hello family! So today I got to do community service work for building a dining hall for the students at the school we are working at. In our group we had to carry all of the rocks on the ground out of the building space and into the area outside. Considering the fact that it was really hot and we had to use shovels and pickaxes to get all the rocks, it was a bit tiring. Of course we all got to take a break and play soccer with all the school kids. Playing with them is a lot of fun even though their are about 20 kids to one person, but that just makes it all the better. We then got back to work and soon finished up with all rock removing. After finishing snacks and soccer we all traveled to our home stays. The people who are sharing my homestay are Lillian H. and Kevin. The whole time we mostly played jenga and I played volleyball with the home stay mom. She is really good! For lunch we had soup with rice and chicken and for dinner we had… OMELETS! The omelets were really good! Today was pretty good day and I really enjoyed everything we have done. I would like to say hi to my Mom, Dad and sister and dogs and cats of course. I also hope that whoever is reading this I hope you are having a great day!

P.s. Lillian H. and Charlotte said hi
P.s.s. I love you family

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Hello Devon & everyone, Sounds like an amazing adventure and a lot of fun along with rewarding hard work at the school. What a great experience! We are so proud of you! We love and miss you!!! Mom, Dad, Gracen, Finnigan, Riley, Oreo & Willow p.s. Today is Gracen's 12th birthday :)

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