Monday, November 14, 2016

Student blog update

Dear Mom, Dad, and Helen,

Today was the first day we did service work, we worked at a local elementary school. Half of the kids worked on a lunch room and half of the kids sat in the classrooms. I was one of kids who sat in the classroom. It was really interesting to see how the class works and how the teachers teach the students. I found this experience very interesting because I have never had the opportunity to do anything like this before. After we finished doing the service work and sitting in the classrooms we played soccer with the kids. The game was pretty intense especially since I am not a soccer player. All the kids that were playing soccer were 10 times better than me.
I have had such an amazing experience and i am so excited to start doing service.


Dear Mom and Dad,

Today we began our service work at the school. We started moving out logs so that the kitchen could start to cook over a wood stove. We also helped clear out a space so that they could continue to build the lunchroom for the kids. After that we all played a huge and dysfunctional game of soccer with all of the older kids. After we left the school we all went to our homestay family for lunch. In my home stay family we had steamed vegetables with rice and jello for dessert. Then we all met up at the hotel and split the group up and half of us went to play soccer and do leadership games and the other half of us weaved baskets. I played soccer and did leadership games. We then went to our homestay families. In my family there is an 8 year old boy who is amazing at soccer and we played in the street for ever. I am having an amazing time here in Peru!!!!!

P.S. I miss you Gigi and Maddie!! And Beck
With lots of love

  • Claire Chahbandour


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Como esta mi dolcita? So glad to hear from you sweetie! It has been fun to watch your trip through the blog photos. Pretty fascinating things, huh? And aren't the people terrific? I hope you are speaking Spanish with them! We miss you so much. It is so quiet! XO

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