Friday, November 11, 2016

Student Posts

Today we took a nice long hike that was about 1 hour long . When we got there, we went into this temple and it had wood floors which was really well made. There we met a Shamen. We sat on cushions and talked (with translation) with him. We talked to about really deep things. Also he talked about mother earth, God, and Peruvian spirituality. It was very interesing and calming. He did little dances that were really funny. He made us see things about ourselfs that we wouldn’t otherwise see. He also gave us little things wrapped up in news paper sort of stuff, we all had different things wrapped up. We used them as a prayer. After that he told us what our future would be. Mine was that life would be good and I would have a faithful husband. Most people had wealth and happiness. After that  poeple got coca leaves that were covered in animal fat, some candy and a blessing to wish our family well. Lastly, our many objects were wrapped up along with 200 dollars, because our shamen did not care about money, and all was burned. During the burning ceremony, we poured this weird drink by the fire, and to end it we gave everyone two hugs. Then we got on a bus and went to eat really good food for dinner. -Logan

Hey everyone. Peru is awesome there are ruins everywhere and some of them are 400 years old. Today we took a hike to one of the ruins and we learned it was where they stored grain, and it was very cool. Then we went to the healer and that was cool as well. He did some sort of ritual and it was cool. He also told us what our future would end up to be. Mine was more advice than a prediction but still was interesting. We gathered up a lot of different items. Afterward, we went outside and burned it and poured a drink by the fire. Then we hugged. Peru is a beautifle place and it is a breathtaking expierence.

Today we did lots of things. We went on a hour-long walk through the farm land to get to the healer's house. The walk was fun. We saw lots of things like cows (they are really big). Also at one point we went through a valley of white flowers. It was amazing. Today we did a lots of walking. We also walked to luch and dinner. Both meals were great, a little different, but great! We luaghed a lot and just had a great time. I can’t wait till tomorow when we meet a host families!
P.S. There are A LOT of stray dogs that are just hanging out in the shade!



Unknown said...

We miss you Logan! We hope you are having a lot of fun! - Minci, Emma and Mel

Unknown said...

Hello SMA Student and my daughter Logan,
I love looking at all the beautiful photographs. Everyone looks as though they are having a great time. What a wonderful experience. I wish I was there with you. I miss you Logan..I hope you are having fun... learning a lot.. and helping others.
I love you Logan! Hunny is great but misses you. Mom

Annie's Dad said...

You look like you're having a great time. We're so glad you went Mac. Love from Uncle Richard

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