Thursday, November 10, 2016

Student Posts

After two days of traveling (including a short night in Lima), we have finally arrived in Ollantaytambo. Students are all in good spirits and are excited for the trip!

This trip has been very fun and exciting so far. Going on long flights with new and old friends has made it even better. After we flew into Cuzco, we took a long bus ride to Ollantaytambo. On the bus ride we got to see a lot of Cuzco and the Peruvian countryside. I enjoyed looking at the Incan ruins on the bus ride.  Overall I have had a lot of fun and I am sure I will have so much more.


Hello family, friends, classmates and 7th grade buddies!! I miss you all. We are having a great time. As soon as I got into Peru, I was amazed by everything I saw. Everything is so different, and it’s very exciting to know that along with my friends, I am going to be discovering new things, making new friends, and HAVING  A GREAT TIME!!! We walked to dinner tonight. We ate at a local restaurant, and the food was DELISH! I can already tell I’m not going to be hungry on this trip! :) I’ve already started learning new things about my friends on this trip. I’m ready for this adventure to begin! Don’t worry everybody (Grandpa and Grandma), Lil, Charlotte, and I are having a great time!

Thinking of you!!


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