Saturday, November 12, 2016

A busy day running around Ollantaytambo

One of the activities we did today was hiking to ancient ruins.  We left around 9:00 and arrived at the start around 9:45.  We had a tour guide and started hiking.  We took multiple breaks as we hiked up, to learn about the Inca culture, how the temple was built and more about the ruins.  First, we learned that parts of the temple were made out of stone and clay.  Other parts had a lego-like design.  We learned parts of the temple were never finished due to the Spaniards.  Our guide pointed out a rock parallel to us that had a similar shape of their god’s face.  In conclusion we had a safe hike and learned lots.  


Another activity that we did today was a scavenger hunt. We had to go around to different places in Ollantaytambo. In each place that we went we had a different challenge. Depending on how well we did the challenge, we got a certain number of rubber bands. One if we did poorly, two if we did mas o menos, and three if we did really well. My group got all  three of the rubber bands from all five stations. Some of the stations were in the middle of town and others were on the outskirts. At one of the stations, we helped prepare some local food. One was in Incan ruins. At that station we used fruits on cactus to paint our faces. It was really fun. Today was a fun day.



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