Friday, November 18, 2016

11/18 student posts

We have had most of our meals with our homestays, and they have been giving us good food. I am starting to realize that they are spending over double what they would usually spend on meals to feed us. We have had chicken, rice, homemade hamburgers, pasta, but no cake. The little boy in my host family, Fabricio, knows how to play some card games, so we spent an hour playing war and watching me mess up over and over in king’s corners. It has been really fun trying to talk to them in spanish. They also give us big portions so sadly I haven’t always been able to finish the meals every day :(  . They have given us delicious french fries with a few meals, which is amazing. Also there is a really hyper dog named….. Umm….. I don’t know how to spell it, but he really likes chewing on my pants. In my opinion, homestays are pretty great.

Hi Family! It’s Annabelle. I kinda missing you all, but I’m having a great time and don’t want to leave yet, even though I’ve been feeling under the weather recently. I’m mostly better now, though. We went to the school again today, and I went to a third grade class. To be honest. I’m not completely sure what class it was, but it was really fun. I sat at a table with 4 boys. They kept asking me to draw things, and I was happy to do so. They asked me to draw some things from their science text book, such as chuys (guinea pig), cows, horses, ect. Dad, Andrea, Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Andrew, promise me you guys aren’t missing me TOO much, right? Love you so much! See you in a couple days!


Hey everyone back home! It has been a trip of a lifetime. I have some great memories to laugh about. I miss you all and can’t wait to get home. But I also want to stay and enjoy the last few days I have. Today Maya and I went to a third grade class and it was really fun. It was a math class but instead we were all drawing. The kids wanted us to draw them animals because apparently we are good at drawing. One little girl named Maria gave me drawing that is really pretty. All of the kids were giving us their drawing and trying, all of class, to pronounce our names. All and all, it was a very fun day!



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