Sunday, November 20, 2016

FINAL student blog post

Hello all! This is Lillian reporting live from Ollantaytambo Lodge. We have just finished the candle ceremony and many are crying in happy tears. We have created such a tight bond not only with each other but with our host families. This is such a bond that we feel can only stay as unique as it is within Peru, but I know that with a group that has as strong of values as us, we can keep it even after we’re all graduated from St. Mary’s Academy. Today we celebrated my birthday, although it is tomorrow, and this is when I felt the biggest bond. Some host families had never even met before, but all it took was a cake to bring them together. My host family got me a pink cake and, by tradition, Johan pushed it in my face. Many people thought this was funny, so we all started putting frosting on each other’s faces. This was such a simple moment, but I know that when I get back the first thing I’ll want to tell everyone about was that moment where all of us left all of our worries to be dealt with by the frosting on our faces. I remember everyone smiling, all at once. You really couldn’t stop smiling. I don’t even remember how long that moment lasted, but someone once said that life isn’t measured in the breaths in a moment but the moments that take your breath away. This did more than take my breath away, it took my old sense of happiness with it too. I now realize that everyone, even those who you could despise, is capable of being happy all at once. So, for a final time, I come to an end of this blog, remembering what happiness truly means and how if you have your eyes open, greatness can come to you in mysterious ways. I believe I’ve still got frosting in my hair and some packing for our adventure back to your side of the world, so this is Lillian Humber, signing off. Goodnight!

P.S. Hi class, I hope the break is going well. And to all of my teachers, I’m sorry if I raise my hand one to many times out of confusion when I get back!

P.P.S. Mom, Dad, Maple, see you in a day in a half!


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